Beyond local, slow fashion.

We are a slow fashion brand, going beyond local production. Every part of our collection,  from function to expression, is meticulously designed to stay with you forever. 

Our collection

The Dress

Merino wool or linen
SEK 5 400

The Blouse

Merino wool or linen
SEK 3 600

The Pants

Merino wool or linen
SEK 3 600

The Shirt – Straight

Merino wool or linen
SEK 3 900

The Shirt

Merino wool or linen
SEK 3 900

The Shirt Dress

Merino wool or linen
SEK 5 400

The Skirt

Merino wool or linen
SEK 3 400

The Top

SEK 1 750

The Sweatshirt

Recycled cashmere
SEK 2 100

The T-shirt

Organic wool, ecovero or linen
SEK 1 500

The Shorts

Merino wool or linen
SEK 3 200

Every piece is produced on demand by local tailors, inviting the costumer into the process. Not only does this mean no unnecessary production, no waste, no unfair working conditions, and supporting your local community. It also means creating a truly personal experience and unique garment made only for you. From ”Made in Taiwan by Unknown to Made in Hudiksvall by Lisa.”

What’s going on in our world?

Eventvecka i Hudiksvall

Nu slår vi upp dörrarna för Tini Garments ateljé och skrädderi på Storgatan 50 i Hudiksvall. Det firar vi med öppet hus, inspirerande föreläsningar och fina erbjudanden.

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Become a tailor at Tini Garments!

Kanske blir julklappen starten på något nytt. En mindre, men mer hållbar garderob av högre kvalitet. Fylld av favoritplagg som trivs bra tillsammans. Frihet är inte att ha allt, utan att ha precis det man behöver.

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Our Philosophy

Tini Garments is the result of different ideas on how to create a more sustainable world. And most importantly – more sustainable people…

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How it works

Our aim is to make garments that you want to wear all the time, and for a lifetime. That’s why we make them on demand, carefully designed, adjusted and tailored just for you and only with what we consider to be the best, and most sustainable, materials on the market.

Fall in love with our fundamental collection.

Customer quotes

“I used to have a big and well filled wardrobe, but nothing to wear. Now I have my few carefully selected pieces and always feel that I have what I need.”

– Johanna

”Now I invest in clothes that fits me and also comes with sustainability in mind which has changed my behavior in a sense that has not come natural to me before.”

– Iris

“Instead of me fitting into the clothes, the clothes now, fit onto me.

– Sandra

Are you a tailor?

Join our team and help us expand your and our business by providing a sustainable and easy concept of garments for everyone.

Meet our team

Tini Warg

Co Founder & Head of Design
+4670 332 03 31

Johanna Mörk

Co Founder & CEO
+4670 408 66 00

Matilda Olsson

Head of Tailoring
+4670 243 36 50

Karolina Israelsson

Head of Communication
+4673 338 86 24

Johanna Nordholm