Why tailor made

Carefully designed and made only for you

  • We provide a consisting collection of high level designed garments with your best in mind – carefully designed to be functional and comfortable without compromising on style.
  • With a tailor made fit you’ll get garments that actually fit “onto you” instead of you trying to fit into the clothes.
  • Our garments are made on demand by independent tailors as close to you as possible.

A climate friendly choice

  • Doubling the lifespan of a garment reduces the climate impact by half. For example, a t-shirt is used an average of 30 times and washed 15 times. If this t-shirt is used 60 times instead, the climate impact can be halved.
  • We make the garments on demand. That means no stock, no samples and minimum waste.
  • The production process of clothes has by far the largest environmental impact. By ensuring a perfect fit, and that you actually like the way you feel when wearing the clothes, we intend to make garments that you’ll want to wear forever.
  • Meeting your tailor for several fittings will give you an understanding of the process of making clothes and hopefully you’ll treasure them longer.

*Source: Environmental assessment of Swedish clothing consumption

Peace of mind – letting style take it’s time

  • Garments that always work means reduction of unnecessary and made up stress.
  • Instead of having a big and well filled wardrobe and still have a feeling of nothing to wear, you have a few carefully selected pieces and always have what you need.
  • The collection is designed to work as a complete fundamental solution of garments.

How it works

Our aim is to make garments that you want to wear all the time, and for a lifetime. That’s why we make them on demand, carefully designed, adjusted and tailored just for you and only with what we consider to be the best, and most sustainable, materials on the market.

Fall in love with our fundamental collection.

Our true experts

Our tailors adapt the Tini garments to fit your silhouette comfortably and perfectly. Expect to be taken care of in just the way you deserve by a true expert.

Matilda Olsson


Lisa Baker


Adelinne Smedberg


Zamina Scillasdotter


Alice Hedström


Felicia Halén Fredell


Jakob Eskilsson


Matilda Ivarsson


Are you a tailor?

Join our team and help us expand your and our business by providing a sustainable and easy concept of garments for everyone.