Tini philosophy

Tini philosophy

Tini Garments is the result of different ideas about how to create a more sustainable world. And more importantly – more sustainable people.

The fashion industry has serious challenges. The mass production of clothes isn’t just devouring the planet’s resources and contributing to social injustice, it also turns us into insecure consumers.

We choose to relate to the fashion system as a possible tool for social change. A chance to design garments that provide a sense of security and stability, that influence how people feel and how they behave – for themselves and for the climate.

Read more about our philosophy and how we got here.

Tini Warg, Co-founder and Head of Design

Our fundamental collection

Each and every garment in our collection is carefully designed to be the only piece you need. Both in its category and beyond. The garments are designed to support your range of movement, without compromising according to proportions and dynamics appealing to the eye.

The collection is here to last, not only for the season but year after year. We are not here to amuse or to tempt you. Our intention is very clear – we are here to be a reliable alternative in the fashion industry.

How we define ’tailor made’

Back in the days, before the fast fashion system was established, garments were defined as utensils, made one by one, adapted to the carrier. Today, tailoring is seen as something luxurious for the few. We would like to change that.

With our carefully designed collection and production model, as a frame, we intend to make tailor made garments accessible and affordable, enabling fashion that actually fits to more people.

Some say we’re a distruptive start-up, but honestly we just intend to provide you a fundamental need in a sustainable way.

”Let´s make slow fashion the new norm”.