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Meet our Costumers

Meet our Costumers

On a daily basis, we get inspired by our customers attitudes and experiences of fashion, consumption, well-being and beauty. Insightful conversations lead to change and give us plenty of energy! Iris Kuylenenstierna shares her thoughts on her relationship with fashion and clothes.

I invest in myself by taking the time to try something that really fits, and that also comes with sustainability in mind. The clothes get a different value than if I would have gone to a shop without knowing where the clothes are made. Now I can see the process behind every garment and I know what’s happened along the way.

This has changed my behavior in a sense that has not been natural for me before. I see that as a victory! If something’s wrong with my pants now for example, I just go to the tailor and get it mended – I don’t have to buy a new pair. If I’m gonna treat myself to something now, it’s not just gonna be good for me but also for the environment. 

When you think about the bargain-hunt, trying to get away with spending less, all the sales, all the ways producers are cutting prices – somewhere someone is paying a hefty price for all that. Just a simple thing such as getting rid of the fitting room, my god how nice is that? A room with a large mirror, strange lightning. Sometimes I feel like a cog in a much bigger wheel, like someone has already calculated how to make us buy more, and that feels cynical.