1. Book your fitting. 

Send us a message to book your fitting.

2. Fitting no1.

Our seamstress or tailor will show you the models and the materal options. You'll try a toile of the garment and she'll take your measurments to make the garment fit your body perfectly. She'll also listen to your wishes and needs to make the adjustments that'll make the garment optilmal for your life, as it is or the way you're creating it. 

3. Fitting no2.

On this fitting it's time to try the garment in the right fabric. The last adjustment are made, such as the lenght of sleaves and legs. You'll have a feeling of what it will really like to wear your new Tini Garment.

​4. Delivery.

4-6 weeks after your first fitting, this is the day when you'll get your new Tini Garment. You'll try it on to make sure it has that perfect fit and then it's yours to bring to your home and into your life. We wish to put a new edge of gold to your everday life and to support you on your path.

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