How it works

How it works

This is how you get your Tini garment. It’s pretty straight forward but the process does not resemble traditional shopping. It’s not because we try to be special or so, we just think this is the right way to do it.

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1. Find a garment that you like!

Each and every garment in our collection is carefully designed to be the only piece you need. Both in its category and beyond.

2. Book your first fitting

Find a time that works for you to meet one of our tailors. During the first meeting, we will select fabrics together, have your  measurements taken and establish your preferred style, and specific needs. We schedule 30 minutes for the first fitting, and it’s free of charge.

3. Second fitting

Meet your tailor again. You’ll try the garment in the material selected in the first fitting, and the tailor will make sure it fits your silhouette perfectly, and has the right adjustments to meet your needs.

4. Pick up your Tini garment

It’s done! Your tailor will inform you when you can collect your garment at their studio. This is also when you make your payment.

5. Garment care is key

After your purchase we’ll provide you with a care guide so you know how to treat your Tini garment in the best way. You can also read our Garment Care Guide.

Once a year, we welcome you to return to your tailor. We’ll iron your garment for free and you’ll give us an opportunity to follow up, receive feedback and to continuously improve our product.

Our tailor Alice in action

Book fitting

Book a fitting with one of our experts. Your tailor will adapt the garment of your choice to fit you comfortably and perfectly.

Expect to be taken care of in just the way you deserve.