Merino wool

Merino wool

Wool care

We’re completely in love with wool. It’s an amazing, natural material with self cleaning properties. It breaths and regulates moisture as well as temperature. When working with virgin wool, we ensure that it comes from European farms that are certified as mulesing-free.

Our wool jersey is made from 100% ecological wool.

Fall in love with wool!

Care guide for wool fabrics

Honestly, there is no need of washing your wool garments very often because of the self cleaning properties the material has. We usually just put it on a hanger in the bathroom while taking a shower, the steam will support the self cleaning process. Using a steamer also works.

Here are some additional tips on how to make your garments last longer:

  • By airing your garments properly between uses, you can extend the time until washing considerably.
  • If you get a stain, wash the area with a damp cloth immediately and use shampoo or bile soap to avoid the dirt from penetrating too deep.
  • It’s highly important to use an enzyme free laundry detergent when washing woolen clothes since enzymes affect the protein in the hair fibre and weakens it.
  • It’s a good idea to treat your garment with lanolin soap regularly. Lanolin is the fat within the wool that makes fibers dirt-repellent and soft. It also keeps sweat and dirt from setting into the clothes.
  • Wool does not like high temperatures or drastic changes in temperatures. Never (ever) wash wool in higher temperature than 30°C/86ºF.
  • Let the garment hang to dry at room temperature.
  • Make sure you do not iron your garment with too high a temperature. Also, always iron from the downside, otherwise shiny marks can appear. This can be avoided by using a cloth or by just steaming the garment.
  • NEVER  tumble dry your wool garment.

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