How this story goes.

One story ends, another begins. Birth, death, rebirth. Every end is a new chance, an opportunity to create that new story, convincing enough to gather people in a belief for the greater good. And in fact, a story doesn’t have to be true as long as it’s healing. And what if it becomes true in the moment we start to belive in it? Then the only limits are what we manage to belive in.

After I finished design school I didn’t know how to approach the fashion industry, based on environmental and ethical causes. I felt like there are too many in the production chains that pays a high price in big companies aim to democratize fashion and increase sells. I couldn’t see how to contribute in an authentic way.

It was during the process of putting my pieces together after a loss of alignment, letting go of old beliefs and made up material needs, that I decided to stay with only what I truly needed. As I scaled down I started to discover a new way of living. I also realized the amount of energy I had spent focusing on things that were all illusions and limiting beliefs, often put on by market and society, to keep us dutiful consumers.

In that moment I decided to continiously focus on things that could support me and to build a foundation from which I could grow, bloom and fully live. It became my frame for freedom, and Tini Garments is a result of these ideas.

There’s a lot more to say about this. And also nothing.


I simply have the need for some garments and if I'm gonna stay with as little as possible, I have some criteria. It has to be comfortable and not limit me from doing a headstand or taking a shortcut through the woods. I want something that shows my beauty. Because we’re all gorgeous beings and life’s too short for hiding.  It has to be wearable for a business meeting as well as chillin’ in the sofa.

We have a constantly on going process of developing what we concider the perfect garments.

/Tini Warg, designer


Are you a seamstress or a tailor who wants to work with us?


We’re growing fast and are looking for partners in Sweden and around the world to join our team. All our clothes are made on demand to enable the perfect fit for our costumers, and we only use the best quality textiles that we've found so far.


Say Hi and let's find out if we'll make a good team!

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