The reason WHY we decided to do TINI GARMENTS, is a story of falling and rising, of loosing and gaining, of acceptance and of love.


I came to the point where I decided to be brave enough to provide myself with unconditional love. To accept myself the way I wanted to be accepted. To love myself as much as I wished to be loved. To see myself as I wished to be seen and to support myself the way I wanted to be supported. In that moment, accepted, loved, seen and supported I became.

Tini Garments is a result of this insight and the wish to share that foundation to others is the reason why we decided to offer this as a new sustainable way dress. In this way we aim to add something for the greater good.

TINI GARMENTS are concsiously and carefully designed tailormade Garments.

We make them on demand, adjusted to suit your body and your needs.

They're a part of a life style, where you give your self permisson to stop chasing and start being. 


Tini Warg, Co-founder and Designer 

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