The Tini Philosophy

The Tini Philosophy

Tini Garments is the result of different ideas on how to create a more sustainable world. And most importantly – more sustainable people.

As a fashion designer, I have always felt conflicted about the fashion industry – both from an environmental and ethical perspective but also from a consumer’s point of view. The mass production of clothes or “the fast fashion-system” as it’s called isn’t just devouring the planet’s resources and contributing to social injustice, it also turns us into insecure consumers.

When I ended up in a personal crisis, I began to ask myself what I really needed as a survival strategy. That was when I felt the urge to once again start to design clothes. I wanted to make garments that could give me a sense of security and stability. I came to the point where I decided to be brave enough to provide myself with unconditional love, to accept myself the way I wanted to be accepted and to see myself the way I wanted to be seen. Tini Garments is a result of those insights and the clothes that we create becomes a manifestation of ideas to achieve some piece of mind.

Today, I choose to relate to the fashion system as a possible tool for social change. A chance to influence how people feel and how they behave. If there is even the tiniest chance that I can contribute to making the world a better place, then I proudly identify myself as a fashion designer.

Tini Warg, Co-founder and Head of Design